Thank you for your interest in AER, please take some minutes time to get to know us and our products better. Every instrument deserves to be clearly heard in its natural beauty. Since 1992  AER has never let go the passion for instruments, music, tone and that little bit of extra that can be added on top to push things further, perform better, be ahead. Being regarded the reference class in acoustic amplification and with the many positive comments of you, thrilled and committed musicians, over the years there is a lot of confidence and motivation to keep on going. It is to say ‘thank you‘ for your support and understanding, even if things take a little longer. Little things can take a while and make big difference. Be sure, if the difference can be heard, it will be passed on to you. AER stands for: extraordinary solutions for musicians from instrument to loudspeaker. This requires a lot of research, well thought out concepts, exquisite components and materials, high manufacturing standards and quality control but even more respect for the instruments and care about you and your musical needs. You can talk to us and you will find that there are specialists close to you. AER products are no commodities. You will find them in qualified, serious and passionate stores for musical instruments in your country. People there are experienced to answer your questions and they provide the opportunity to help you make up your mind. They are backed up by a network of excellent distributors who are responsible for AER in your country.  Be sure all issues will be dealt in a quick, uncomplicated and satisfying way. If you ask for recommendation – please understand, we will always say what we believe in – besides that and the ‘fog‘ out there, there is no way other for you personally than getting out there, evaluate yourself, with your instrument in your environment and talking to people that you trust – eye to eye. We do not want to spoil your pleasure coming to a decision and enjoying it! If it is with AER – fantastic, if not – it is more than OK. It is your decision that counts! The catalogue gives an abstract of the AER product range. You may not  find every  product in each country AER is distributed in for various good reasons. For inquiries, get in touch with us at: The products are always subject to change without notice. Attached arabic numbers indicate major version changes (e.g. concept), small indexes indicate model updates eff ecting e. g. speakers, amps or effects - have fun with music!